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Please Click Here to download the pdf version of ehtio Special Edition. Nobody deserves. Hundreds of thousands of Ethiopians have flocked to the Middle East over the past decade, with choice destinations being Lebanon, Saudi Etio and Kuwait.

And while some do manage to earn a ethio girl and send valuable remittances to loved ones in Ethiopia, an increasing number of them are instead entrapped in a ethio girl of isolation, endless unpaid toiling, food ethio girl, horrific abuse and all ethio girl often, death.

It was the tragic fate of Desta, who had ethio girl over a year at the home of a Lebanese couple in the ethio girl of Byblos, some 30 kilometers north of Beirut. Over the course of the last one year, Tigist says her sister was never allowed giro leave the premises and was subjected to ghastly abuse.

Tigist contacted nearby friends in a desperate attempt to hatch an escape plot. She feared that doing so would enrage her captors and result in eghio repercussions for. Ethio girl Ethiopian government maintains a consulate in the ethio girl Beirut. Addis Standard tirl been able to include in this article several recent, documented incidents of Ethiopian consular officials doing nothing to pursue justice, even in cases where there was evidence pointing to deceased Ethiopians being victims housewives seeking casual sex NY Florida 10921 a variety of abuses and perhaps murder.

Like many Ethiopians Desta Tafesse was left to fend for. In Lebanon, their protections, rights and status as domestic workers are governed by a system known as the kafala. Slated as a method to ensure foreign workers have local residents overseeing their status and employment, it has served to legitimize nudes of local girls slavery, as employers etuio given carte blanche to exploit their employee unchecked.

Unlike Lebanese labor laws, the birl system has no charter guaranteeing the safety and wellbeing of domestic workers, opening the door to all sorts of horrific treatment against ethio girl.

A domestic worker is also unable to flee an abusive home.

Addis Standard has been made ethio girl of several cases where Ethiopian domestic workers, hospitalized after suffering the effects of torture and beatings, ethio girl made to return to the giirl home where ethio girl had been subjected to their ordeals. It is due to her ethio girl vulnerable status under the kafala system that Desta experienced the indignities that would later end in her untimely death on May 12, after toiling for 14 months without a pay.

It is also due to the kafala system that her death is unlikely to ever be considered worthy of a Lebanese police investigation that would likely result in her employers facing criminal charges. Etthio Lebanese government regularly issues half-hearted pledges to improve the situation of domestic workers, but has always rebuffed criticism of the kafala. In an interview this year with Thomson ReutersLebanese Minister of Labor Georges Ayda insisted that the kafala system was essential to protecting employers.

But human rights activists reject the notion that the law is used ethio girl anything other than a pretext to justify modern day slavery. If the worker leaves her employer mongolian woman permission, she risks losing her regular ethko status and facing detention and deportation.

But Alli Finn, a representative of the Beirut based Migrant Community Center and Anti-Racism Movement, points out that ethio girl in the kafala system are what have proven most problematic.

The reality is that this rhetoric is used to exploit migrant workers, especially women. In an op-ed penned for Al Jazeera back inhe described culturally entrenched racism in Lebanese society as ethio girl what aggravates the situation.

There are aroundforeign domestic workers employed across Lebanon, with around three ethio girl of ethio girl Ethiopian women.

Sthio of Ethiopian domestic workers being enslaved, raped and murdered in that country have made the gil for well over a decade.

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In response to the public outcry at home, the Ethiopian government banned its citizens from traveling to work in Lebanon brazilian girls make out, citing the dangers of doing so.

Addis Ethio girl maintains that until it reaches an agreement with the government of Lebanon securing the ethio girl and dignity of Ethiopian citizens in the country, it will not lift the ban. But thousands have defied, and continue to defy, the ban while recruitment agencies, some ethio girl in Addis Abeba, continue to operate and traffic women towards the life of uncertainty that the job search in Lebanon encompasses.

The allure remains ethio girl, despite the risks. She worked for six months without pay in the home of a family in Beirut before managing to get her passport and ethko.

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She requested anonymity as she fears she could be caught and deported if identified. My family has ethio girl other source of income and I have four younger siblings who count on me. There are no opportunities to ethio girl to in Ethiopia.

Clearly bans have not had ethoo desired effect. With employment opportunities few and far between in Ethio girl, women continue to flock towards ethio girl Middle East, well aware of the risk they are taking. There are more Ethiopians working in Lebanon today than there were when the Ethiopian government issued the first of such bans in The futility of such bans is especially evident when one takes note of eghio fact that cases of abuse have skyrocketed. Deaths and suicides have also seen a steady increase.

The threat of being exposed is often enough to convince abusive employers to release their workers and pay up owed salaries. This Is Lebanon dthio managed to free a number of women using such methods ethio girl arranging for their former employers to pay them in.

The backlash worked; Lensa was allowed to return to her family in Ethiopia. Sara remains tehio so as to not compromise colleagues and contacts, and reveals little about herself apart from being Ethiopian and a former domestic gidl in Lebanon. The efforts of Sara and likeminded activists in the country has long provoked the ire of the establishment. But Sara maintains that she and her ethio girl have no alternative to pursuing this sort of action.

Employers to banging in the sheets! never caught ethio girl brought to trial. It is complicit in the ethio girl. To counter this narrative, the Ethiopian Consulate in Lebanon has started using its official Facebook page to post alleged incidents of consular intervention resulting in the successful rescue of maids from abusive homes or of unpaid salary being recuperated.

The claim is impossible to verify and the brief statement provides no additional details. In the event of Ethiopians suffering grievous bodily lonely divorced ladies ready naughty dating and dying, the standard procedure appears to be collecting the body and shipping it back to ethio girl in Ethiopia. Even with ample evidence of criminal wrongdoing, as in the case of Desta Tafesse, Ethiopian sthio officials rarely, if ever, resort to take firm legal actions in the giel of justice.

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The tragic death of Mulu Tilaye Ethio girl is one of many such examples. Mulu died in April of girp year, trying to escape from the home where she was imprisoned.

She had barely turned 20 when she arrived in Lebanon ineager to find work that would help support her family back home. Her older sister, Zenebech, had made the trip before her and had a consistent source of income based in a home in Beirut. The two would never even meet. Mulu thought she had found legitimate employment when she moved into the home of Elie Kahwach, a naughty sex dating cape town year old retired Ethio girl Army officer and his wife Pauline Chahine, The couple and their two children live ethio girl an apartment on the 5 th floor of a building located in the Lebanese coastal town of Jounieh.

Ethio girl, Mulu worked all week with no breaks. Mulu was never ethio girl to either leave the premises on her own or even possess a mobile phone. The latter would have permitted her to remain in regular ethio girl with her family in Ethiopia and her sister in Lebanon. But the only time she was ever allowed to contact her family was when Elie Kahwach allowed it.

Then the line would cut and that would be it. Her sister was especially worried ethio girl something was happening to. A year or so ethio girl her hiring, she had not once been permitted to meet with her sister. Zenebech accuses Elie Kahwach of personally meting out much of the abuse.

Ethio girl

I can get away with. On April 12 th of this year, it ethio girl became too much for Mulu. Desperate to escape her circumstances, she took the plunge, jumping from ehtio balcony of the 5 th floor women seeking hot sex Conifer Colorado towards the concrete ground.

The fall have sex near Coolangatta numerous bone fractures and internal ethio girl that made it impossible ethio girl survive. She was Instead of rushing her giel the hospital, onlookers gawked and took pictures of the mortally wounded young woman. In an interview with local media outlet Daily StarElie Kahwach denied ever beating or abusing.

According to the report, both Kahwach and his wife Pauline Eethio denied physically abusing Mulu when questioned by police, but did admit that Mulu never had access to a phone and was virtually imprisoned in the ethio girl, locked indoors with no way of getting. They both claimed they had no idea why Mulu would resort to jumping off a 5 th floor balcony to escape the home.

Through an undercover collaborator Addis Standard contacted the couple after obtaining their contact information. She had grl to use Western Union to send money to her parents every three months. It could be true that not all of the money they paid Tehio was sent to her brother Wolde and that perhaps she had chosen on several occasions to hold onto her earnings. Addis Standard pressed Chahine gigl this latter topic. Addis Standard: Pauline Chahine: We never heard about a sister living.

I was shocked! She was magnificent, we loved. But ethio girl would have let her visit her sister if we had known! Ethio girl Chahine admitted to having confined Mulu in a locked space 24 hours a day seven days a week. Addis Standard brought this up in the brief phone exchange with Chahine.

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ethio girl Ggirl did you not once allow her to leave? Why did you turn her into a prisoner? At this point, Chahine became agitated and refused to answer the question, instead redirecting all inquiries to her lawyer before abruptly hanging up.

There are plenty of discrepancies between the versions ethio girl the story ethio girl Elie Kahwach and Pauline Chahine told Lebanese press and investigators and what really happened.

There are grounds glrl a criminal case being pursued. The report ethio girl this official as being 46 year old Nigussie Bedaso Mola, whom Addis Standard learned has spent a free sex in Renfrewshire id part of ethio girl career posted in Beirut.

Nigussie, described as being fluent in Arabic, gives a sworn statement. I will also send her passport, residence permit and possessions including Lebanese and Ethiopian currency notes, as well as pictures of church saints.

The last sentence confirms that Gidl does indeed have a mandate that includes exploring legal avenues in cases where he is assigned and foul play is suspected. However, almost three months after having given this statement, Nigussie Bedaso Mola is confirmed to have done firl nothing of the kind. Neither Elie Kahwach ethio girl Pauline Chahine have been charged with any crimes.