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Does god get lonely

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Was God lonely and wanted someone to relate to…so he made humans? Was he bored and one day got really creative and produced a universe that included people?

Just why did he create human beings? Some people have speculated as follows: Since aloneness was not good even in a perfect world, God must have felt alone too and that is the reason he created humans.

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Perhaps he wanted or needed a human relationship, so he created human beings to remove his own aloneness. One big problem with vod thinking is that it implies something is lacking in God.

And yet if he is perfect, nothing can be lacking. The other problem with this notion lesbian bdsm nurse that the eternal God never does god get lonely been.

Consisting as he does of three persons, he has existed eternally as relationship.

A continuous cycle of perfect relationships has been eternally does god get lonely within the Godhead of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

While we can never comprehend the perfect relationship within the Trinity in an absolute sense, we do have the capacity to experience the joy of what relationships truly offer.

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And in doing so you will reflect my presence and give me glory! God created out of his grace. He didn't have to create us.

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He lacked. But he made us as an extension of his goodness. In the English Reformers created the Westminster Catechism, which included questions and answers.

To bring glory to God—that is, to exalt him, lift him up, give him praise, to reflect upon him honorably—is in fact our purpose in life. So God created us so we could eternally enjoy a relationship het him, and in doing so bring great honor and glory to.

Does god get lonely McDowell, Ph.

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